The Business Linkage Fund Process
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Zambia Agribusiness and Trade Project is a wholly owned project of the Government of Zambia funded by the World Bank and being implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

The Project aims to contribute to increased market linkages and firm growth in agribusiness through multi-faceted and multi-level interventions that address market, capacity, standards, compliance, regulation gaps and needs in Agribusiness.


Farmer Groups

Zambia trade and Agribusiness Project is targeting Producer/Farmer Organisations, be it cooperatives or Associations to work within the formation of Productive Alliances.



This is the project’s second approach to achieving the above stated objective. This initiative is going to going to promote the quantitative and qualitative growth of agribusiness SMEs so that they can transform into stable and consistent suppliers of a variety of agro products to established large buyers in different end markets.

Trade Facilitation

This is the second component of the Project. It aims to utilize 2 strategies to achieving the stated objective. These are (i) Strengthening capacity for Business Regulation, competition and National Quality Infrastructure and (ii) Promoting Trade Facilitation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

This is what we term ‘Component 3’ of the Project. This features a Management Information System (MIS), spot checks, evaluations and beneficiary assessments to gather data and ensure that the project is effectively meeting its’ stated objectives.


A productive alliance is based on a commercial agreement between a project supported producer organization and a commercial off-taker.


reliable and more remunerative market access. The project promotes small farmer participation in associations, seeking to incorporate them into productive alliances.


Market Connect


MarketConnect aims to promote the sustainable integration of agribusiness SMEs into value chains with established end-markets and large buyers.

This will be achieved by supporting their ability to invest in productivity enhancing know-how and to meet buyer requirements.