ZATP and Growth-Oriented Agribusiness MSMEs

The ZATP aims to contribute to increased market linkages and firm growth in agribusiness. Through the market Linkages in Agribusiness component, focusing on two sets of beneficiaries: “emerging and poor farmers” and growth-oriented agribusiness MSMEs. The project envisage to provide interventions that will have a particular emphasis on improving the ability of growth oriented agribusiness MSMEs to sustainably and commercially link into larger markets by structuring support around offtake opportunities that the private sector themselves identify as high potential. This linkages approach increases income, productivity and employment growth for all those economic factors involved in the value-chains where they engage, and directly and indirectly affected by the Project activities. Through a combination of grant financing and provision of technical support, the Project will facilitate the evolution of productive partnerships between aggregated farmers and anchor enterprises (SMEs). Better integration of relationships between producers and off-takers will be mutually beneficial. Producer organizations will receive technical assistance to improve production and management of their organizations, grant funding to invest in technical and infrastructure enhancements, and support to access commercial loan finance. Off-takers will benefit from improved and consistent volumes and quality of supplies received.

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