About ZATP

Building Productive Alliances;

This is the first approach to the project supporting the development of market linkages in agribusiness focusing on two sets of beneficiaries ie ‘emerging and poor farmers’ and growth oriented agribusiness SMEs.

SME Supplier Development Programme;

This is the project’s second approach to achieving the above stated objective. This initiative is going to going to promote the quantitative and qualitative growth of agribusiness SMEs so that they can transform into stable and consistent suppliers of a variety of agro products to established large buyers in different end markets.

Strengthening Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Trade;

This is the second component of the Project. It aims to utilize 2 strategies to achieving the stated objective. These are (i) Strengthening capacity for Business Regulation, competition and National Quality Infrastructure and (ii) Promoting Trade Facilitation which is an intervention that seeks to address the gap that currently exists due to the country’s lack of a logistics strategy and it’s resulting impact on trade in general and agribusiness in particular.

Monitoring and Evaluation;

This is what we term ‘Component 3’ of the Project. This features a Management Information System (MIS), spot checks, evaluations and beneficiary assessments to gather data and ensure that the project is effectively meeting its’ stated objectives.